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Besides traditional appraisal in which we must have the opportunity to personally inspect the item, AAC also offers online appraisals on the basis of (digital) photographs. These online appraisals cannot be used for authentication. Authentication can only be performed after personal examination the item. Online appraisals are based on the readily apparent identity of the item being appraised, i.e., what is immediately apparent to us from the information that has been provided.
Typical intended uses for online appraisals include gathering information such as identity, value and history in contemplation of selling or buying an item; museum donations; art historical and provenance research and property division.


Together with renown labatories can arrange other methods of dating your artwork. With our partners we offer dating through thermoluminescence or C14 (radiocarbon) methods. Please contact us for more details.


If you are thinking about selling or buying Asian art, then you can make use of our extensive international network we have developed. We may well be able to find the right buyer prepared to pay the right price. And if you are selling or buying your art through online media like eBay or local online auctioneers then contact us to be sure that you describe and estimate the piece properly.

On a regular basis we organize auctions through Gavelers Auctioneers, an unique auctionhouse based in Amsterdam The Netherlands.














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Asian Art Consultancy (AAC) combines collecting Asian art and building a healthy and intelligent financial planning. After years of experience in Financial Planning in the broadest thinkable way and collecting and selling high quality Asian art, AAC can help you build your collection of Asian art just to enjoy, but also as part of intelligent Financial Planning.