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Peter de Bruijn studied and worked at the Kern Institute, Leiden University in The Netherlands, one of Europe's centres of expertise for South Asia and the Himalayan region. He studied arts and material culture of South- and Southeast Asia including the languages (epigraphical) Tamil and Sanskrit. He did much field research in India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Cambodia, Nepal, China and Malaysia on ancient Hindu and Buddhist art.

He is a specialist and senior lecturer on Indian Culture and Hindu and Buddhist art from South and Southeast Asia and mainly focuses on South Indian, Sri Lankan, Khmer and Indonesian art (800 - 1700 AD). His main interest is the iconography and styles of South Indian bronzes and Khmer sculptures. Peter de Bruijn is an expert member of Gavelers Auctioneers in Amsterdam and Fine Art Research, Art Experts Inc, Florida USA, USPAP certified.

During his work for the Kern Institute and The British Museum in London he developed an interest in dealing and appraising art and from a private collecting of fine South- and Southeast Asian art in 1995 he started the Dhyani Asian Arts gallery.

He wrote several books and articles on South- Southeast Asian Art. A selection:


*Descriptie van de Nalanda Gedige, Sri Lanka’,

Rotterdam 1997. Peter J.J. de Bruijn. Click here to read the article


*De Boeddha met de gouden ushnisha’,

Aziatische Kunst, 28, Nr. 2, Amsterdam 1998. Peter J.J. de Bruijn. Click here for an abstract of this article


*Maskers uit Sri Lanka’,

Aziatische Kunst, 28, Nr. 4, Amsterdam 1998, Peter J.J. de Bruijn. Click here for an abstract of this article


*Several annotations in: ABIA South and Southeast Asian Art and Archaeology Index,

edited by prof.dr Karel R. van Kooij, London 1999, Peter J.J. de Bruijn


*Vishvarupa Vishnu uit Changu Narayana’,

Aziatische Kunst, 29, Nr. 1, Amsterdam 1999, Dr Anna Ślączka en Drs Peter J.J. de Bruijn


*Hindoe kunst in Nederland’,

OHM-Vani, april - juni Amsterdam 2000, Peter J.J. de Bruijn. Click here to read the article



Aziatische Kunst, 30, Nr. 2, Amsterdam 2000, Peter J.J. de Bruijn. Click here for an abstract of this article



*Kāraikkālammaiyār: an iconographical and textual study.

Rotterdam 2007, Peter J.J. de Bruijn, 148 pp. 19 colour plates, 13 B/W plates, ISBN 978-90-811564-1-7. Click here for a preview


*Poems for Śiva: illustrated with masterpieces of Hindu art.

Rotterdam 2007, Peter J.J. de Bruijn, 106 pp., 22 colour plates, 16 B/W plates, ISBN 978-90-811564-2-4  Click here for a preview


* Visvakarman.

Rotterdam 2007, A selection of South- and Southeast Asian art. (in Dutch). 100 pp., 44 B/W plates, ISBN 978-90-811564-3-1


*Shiva Nataraja: wie is dat eigenlijk?

Aziatische Kunst, Amsterdam 2009


*The Nālanda Gedigē in Sri Lanka.

A description of the Nālanda temple in Sri Lanka. In progress.

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Chief editor Hinduism Today Magazine on Poems for Siva: “the poetry has been translated with a nice touch, much better than the usual translations..…it is meaningful.











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